Monday, June 27, 2011

I Put On Christ (The Battle is Raging) - Laura Hackett LYRICS

I just love this song! I had to share it with whoever would listen!

Here are the lyrics:

Jesus Christ who gave himself for our sins
That he might deliver us from this present evil age...

For the battle is raging
The devil is raging
And I don't want to be sleeping
While the battle is raging
For my spirit is willing
But my flesh gets tempted
Rise up, my soul, and start praying
'Cause I don't want to be defenseless

I don't fight as one beats the air
Give me eyes to see and ears to hear
(repeat 3x)

Oh God

(repeat: For the battle is raging...)

(repeat: I don't fight...)

I put on Christ
Make no provision for my flesh
Put on the whole armor of God
Leave no open door to darkness
And I take the scroll
I eat the scroll
I open up my mouth
And speak forth Your word
And I take the sword of the spirit

Blessed be the Lord my Rock
Who trains my hands for battle
Who trains my hands for war
(repeat 3x)

(sweet guitar solo)

I don't fight as one beats the air
I have eyes to see and ear to hear
(repeat 2x)

It doesn't have to be a blind battle
'Cause I have the mind of Christ

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flyleaf - Beautiful Bride

I have recently come to admire Lacey of Flyleaf. She is so authentic and cool. Their music is amazing, every musician in the band is extremely talented and they all LOVE God! Reading through her interviews she gets almost confused when people ask what it's like to be known as a "Christian Rock Band" because they have never referred to themselves as that. She replies with the point that everything they do in life is about Jesus and if a plumber is a Christian do you call them a "Christian Plumber"?
Flyleaf is well respected in the secular rock world and for good reason. I love that their lyrics are about Christ and real-life experiences, and that they don't shy away from their first love even though they tour and open for secular bands. Lacey inspires me to ooze the love of Christ no matter where I am or whose company I'm in...She'll bust into worship songs during her concerts and tell people that God loves them...mostly kids who look up to her and need to hear something true. I want to be friends with Lacey someday...She just had a baby with her husband (yeah I stalked her pretty well on-line!) Thank you Lacey for being such a great example and inspiration.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warning: This May Offend

I feel frustrated and sad with American mainstream Christianity right now.  I heard a song on the Christian radio station yesterday as I was driving home and it made me cry....
It made me cry NOT because it was so great and so touching...
It made me cry because the writer doesn't know the God I know.

I watched this artist's video on You Tube about why she wrote the song and what was behind it...
it only reiterated my opinion that she has much to learn.
Now I know that I don't know it all and I have yet to arrive, but when my spirit is uncomfortable listening to "Christian" music that should be holy spirit inspired I have a reason to be concerned.
This song is obviously human inspired.
Her videos have over a million views and all the comments are wonderful and encouraging, saying that this song has really helped the listeners.
I am conflicted by this.
On one hand I am glad that there is good coming from this song but on the other hand it's not what people who are "benefitting" from this song really should be listening to.

I am upset at human weakness being portrayed as humility
I am upset that ignorance and irresponsibility is used as a tool to write things off as "God is just so big, we'll never understand..."
I am upset that Satan has gotten his foot in the very door of the only people that have the authority to keep him out!
It's so subtle!  Most Christians see nothing wrong with this "poor me" attitude.
When are we going to ARISE as a whole?
When are we going to put a stop to Satan's nonsense?
When are we going to quit confusing attacks of Satan as God's blessings?
I mean really?!
She believes that God is 100% powerful and 100% loving yet she doesn't understand why HE is "cursing her"?
HE is not cursing you.  HE doesn't curse.
Satan is cursing you.  Satan curses.
Let's quit blaming God for our tribulations and starting putting the blame where the blame is due and taking our authority IN CHRIST.
Otherwise, why did Christ die for us?
We're living like we're just another person but we're NOT
if you're a Christian you have been BORN AGAIN
the same power that raised Christ from the dead LIVES IN YOU
Want to follow Jesus?  Want to be like Jesus? We all say we do... then why don't we start acting like Jesus and following His example
He didn't sit around and complain about how hard he had it
He took our suffering upon himself
Yes we are going to face trials and tribulations
and YES we should count it as joy because we have the victory in Christ
and every time we conquer we are glorifying our God
we are showing the world that Christ is ALIVE
the world should want what we have but it doesn't because we sit back and let the prince of this world take advantage of us.
God has done everything that needs to be done for us to live life abundantly.
We need to start getting to know Him better and let the truth of what Christ did for us sink down deep into our hearts and transform our minds.

God, Thank you that you are all-powerful and full of love and grace and mercy toward us.  Thank you that you have made a way for us to approach you through your son, Jesus.  Father, show us who You are.  Give your church, your bride, a deeper revelation of your heart toward us.  I declare clarity over the church in America, in Jesus' name, I bind Satan's lies from our minds in the name of Jesus and I declare the truth of your word that has set us free to sink deep down into our hearts and transform our minds so that we may boldly proclaim your goodness to all.  Use us to set captives free and be witnesses of the fact that Jesus is alive!  As we preach the gospel, God empower us and stretch forth your hand to heal!  Show us who we are, help us understand what it means to be children of the Most High God, don't let us go another day being carnally minded in our attitudes and thoughts, fill us with Heaven and use us to bring Your will here on earth! We love you, Your Church loves YOU!  Take us deeper, in Jesus' name.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

misty edwards - my soul cry

I'm Over "Religion"

"I'm longing for deep communion
more than religious activity
only you can satisfy
only you can fill this void in me
no amount of going through the motions
can save me
only you can fill the void..."

These are lyrics to a song I heard yesterday.  It rings so true in me.  Religion simply cannot satisfy!  That is why so many "religious people" are so unhappy and void of joy and peace.
I really don't like it when people refer to me as religious.
I correct them when I can with,
"No, I am in love with God."
Does my life look religious?

The song goes on to say
"It's just a little while longer and I'll see You,
It's just a little while longer and I'll know You,
It's just a little while longer and we'll be together...."

Ohh how I long for Jesus!  He'll be back soon and we'll get to be with Him.  All the time.  Unveiled faces because we'll be able to behold his glory.
Soon life will be what God intended for us.
Knowing Jesus is already "better than
and the pleasures of this life..."

I long for my husband when he is gone.  But it's not to the degree that I long for my first love, my true love, the church's bridegroom.

If you've had a bad experience with a certain religion I want to apologize but encourage you not to base your view of God off of that experience.
I wish there were no set denominations even in the Evangelical Church
but there are
and everyone thinks that they're right all the time about how they interpret the Bible.
It can be frustrating, but there is never a reason to dwell on that.
How frustrating it must be for Christ to have such a divided church!
Sometimes I think we seem like a schizophrenic bride!
Let's overlook our customs and man-made traditions and return to our first love.
If we did that the world might be less confused by us.

(The song is by Laura Hackett and is titled, "What God has Joined Together")

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Have Found

I have found a peace that plows through every storm
I have found a joy that jumps over sadness
I have found a love that lights up every room
I have found...I found You

You are all i want, You are all I need
Everything my heart could hope for
We are longing for the glory of the Lord
Cause we know there's so much more

I have found a trust that teaches how to rest
I have found a grace that guides me by the hand
I have found a strength that stands like a mountain
I have found...I found You

Perspective Brings Perseverance

People (mostly Starbucks customers) ask me almost everyday why I'm so happy, or why I'm always smiling. 
To be honest, I've always been very smiley.  I don't know why but I've always looked on the bright side, been an optimist, whatever other cliches you can call it. 
My resting face is a smile, I feel weird when I'm not smiling or laughing.  
I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was 4 years old so there's always been a light in me without me really understanding it or crediting the source of it.  Who knew that it would be my biggest witness!?

When an older gentleman asked me about it for the second time the other day I told him, "it's the joy of knowing Jesus" 
he had no idea what I was talking about and promptly left the store.
BUT he was drawn to it and I know he's probably wondering
"what in the world was the girl talking about?"

Now, I'm really good at making fun of Christians and all their little "sayings" and I have best friends who would've made fun of me for saying that but in all truth that is why I'm so happy all the time,
that is why I can let little things go!
It's because I know the Creator of the universe and I'm looking forward to Heaven everyday
every hour
every minute
every second!
I CaNnot WaIt for eternity!
I can't HelP but smile and get excited when my mind goes there even just for a second.

My husband even asked me the other day how in the world I was almost ALWayS in a good mood.
Well babe, it's because everyday I'm closer to heaven.
it's because everyday God tells me He loves me, 
right to my heart 
because I choose to hear Him
It's because all these people I come in contact with everyday are loved by the same God who loves me so it only makes sense to treat them like my brothers and sisters.
Sure, some are annoying and some are rude but Jesus thought of them while He was on that cross just as much as he was thinking about me.
And hey, sometimes I've been annoying and I've been rude.

Perspective can change you whole life.  
It helps you not only to see whats in front of you but gives you vision for what's to come.
If I had no idea why I was here on earth, in 2011, in LA of all places, I probably wouldn't be so happy. I might be a little confused.
But I know why I was created.
and I know its not over til its over
and until its over I have a lot of great things to do
and a lot of great things to look forward to.

"Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God (which means I am seated at the right hand of God) Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.  For you died (when I chose to give my life to Christ) and your life is now hidden with Christ in God (holla). When Christ, who IS YOUR LIFE, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory (we're gunna be lookin' good church!)"
Colossians 3:1-4

I like to personalize this one:
" Since, then, I have been raised with Christ, I set my heart on the things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.  I set my mind on things above, not on earthly things.  For I died and my life is hidden with Christ in God.  When Christ, who IS MY LIFE, appears, then I also will appear with him in glory."
Can I get an amen?:)