Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flyleaf - Beautiful Bride

I have recently come to admire Lacey of Flyleaf. She is so authentic and cool. Their music is amazing, every musician in the band is extremely talented and they all LOVE God! Reading through her interviews she gets almost confused when people ask what it's like to be known as a "Christian Rock Band" because they have never referred to themselves as that. She replies with the point that everything they do in life is about Jesus and if a plumber is a Christian do you call them a "Christian Plumber"?
Flyleaf is well respected in the secular rock world and for good reason. I love that their lyrics are about Christ and real-life experiences, and that they don't shy away from their first love even though they tour and open for secular bands. Lacey inspires me to ooze the love of Christ no matter where I am or whose company I'm in...She'll bust into worship songs during her concerts and tell people that God loves them...mostly kids who look up to her and need to hear something true. I want to be friends with Lacey someday...She just had a baby with her husband (yeah I stalked her pretty well on-line!) Thank you Lacey for being such a great example and inspiration.

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