Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warning: This May Offend

I feel frustrated and sad with American mainstream Christianity right now.  I heard a song on the Christian radio station yesterday as I was driving home and it made me cry....
It made me cry NOT because it was so great and so touching...
It made me cry because the writer doesn't know the God I know.

I watched this artist's video on You Tube about why she wrote the song and what was behind it...
it only reiterated my opinion that she has much to learn.
Now I know that I don't know it all and I have yet to arrive, but when my spirit is uncomfortable listening to "Christian" music that should be holy spirit inspired I have a reason to be concerned.
This song is obviously human inspired.
Her videos have over a million views and all the comments are wonderful and encouraging, saying that this song has really helped the listeners.
I am conflicted by this.
On one hand I am glad that there is good coming from this song but on the other hand it's not what people who are "benefitting" from this song really should be listening to.

I am upset at human weakness being portrayed as humility
I am upset that ignorance and irresponsibility is used as a tool to write things off as "God is just so big, we'll never understand..."
I am upset that Satan has gotten his foot in the very door of the only people that have the authority to keep him out!
It's so subtle!  Most Christians see nothing wrong with this "poor me" attitude.
When are we going to ARISE as a whole?
When are we going to put a stop to Satan's nonsense?
When are we going to quit confusing attacks of Satan as God's blessings?
I mean really?!
She believes that God is 100% powerful and 100% loving yet she doesn't understand why HE is "cursing her"?
HE is not cursing you.  HE doesn't curse.
Satan is cursing you.  Satan curses.
Let's quit blaming God for our tribulations and starting putting the blame where the blame is due and taking our authority IN CHRIST.
Otherwise, why did Christ die for us?
We're living like we're just another person but we're NOT
if you're a Christian you have been BORN AGAIN
the same power that raised Christ from the dead LIVES IN YOU
Want to follow Jesus?  Want to be like Jesus? We all say we do... then why don't we start acting like Jesus and following His example
He didn't sit around and complain about how hard he had it
He took our suffering upon himself
Yes we are going to face trials and tribulations
and YES we should count it as joy because we have the victory in Christ
and every time we conquer we are glorifying our God
we are showing the world that Christ is ALIVE
the world should want what we have but it doesn't because we sit back and let the prince of this world take advantage of us.
God has done everything that needs to be done for us to live life abundantly.
We need to start getting to know Him better and let the truth of what Christ did for us sink down deep into our hearts and transform our minds.

God, Thank you that you are all-powerful and full of love and grace and mercy toward us.  Thank you that you have made a way for us to approach you through your son, Jesus.  Father, show us who You are.  Give your church, your bride, a deeper revelation of your heart toward us.  I declare clarity over the church in America, in Jesus' name, I bind Satan's lies from our minds in the name of Jesus and I declare the truth of your word that has set us free to sink deep down into our hearts and transform our minds so that we may boldly proclaim your goodness to all.  Use us to set captives free and be witnesses of the fact that Jesus is alive!  As we preach the gospel, God empower us and stretch forth your hand to heal!  Show us who we are, help us understand what it means to be children of the Most High God, don't let us go another day being carnally minded in our attitudes and thoughts, fill us with Heaven and use us to bring Your will here on earth! We love you, Your Church loves YOU!  Take us deeper, in Jesus' name.

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