Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Over "Religion"

"I'm longing for deep communion
more than religious activity
only you can satisfy
only you can fill this void in me
no amount of going through the motions
can save me
only you can fill the void..."

These are lyrics to a song I heard yesterday.  It rings so true in me.  Religion simply cannot satisfy!  That is why so many "religious people" are so unhappy and void of joy and peace.
I really don't like it when people refer to me as religious.
I correct them when I can with,
"No, I am in love with God."
Does my life look religious?

The song goes on to say
"It's just a little while longer and I'll see You,
It's just a little while longer and I'll know You,
It's just a little while longer and we'll be together...."

Ohh how I long for Jesus!  He'll be back soon and we'll get to be with Him.  All the time.  Unveiled faces because we'll be able to behold his glory.
Soon life will be what God intended for us.
Knowing Jesus is already "better than
and the pleasures of this life..."

I long for my husband when he is gone.  But it's not to the degree that I long for my first love, my true love, the church's bridegroom.

If you've had a bad experience with a certain religion I want to apologize but encourage you not to base your view of God off of that experience.
I wish there were no set denominations even in the Evangelical Church
but there are
and everyone thinks that they're right all the time about how they interpret the Bible.
It can be frustrating, but there is never a reason to dwell on that.
How frustrating it must be for Christ to have such a divided church!
Sometimes I think we seem like a schizophrenic bride!
Let's overlook our customs and man-made traditions and return to our first love.
If we did that the world might be less confused by us.

(The song is by Laura Hackett and is titled, "What God has Joined Together")

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