Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Difference

I hope you're not getting sick of Hillsong yet!!

I just love the guy in the glasses, he's my favorite, his energy is so high that I'm inspired every time I see him lead worship.

I love this song because its good news simply put.
I used to live in fear and hopelessness but God's love has made the biggest difference in my life.
I'm beginning to go deeper and deeper into His love and the more I uncover the more I realize how unfair it is!

I literally have to do nothing to be loved by Him.

It's so crazy!
I am blessed and highly favored wherever I go because I have accepted His gift! His son, Jesus.

It's so insane!

The more I go into His heart, and understand His love, the more my life is transformed.
I can forgive sooner because He has forgiven me for all I've done and will do.
My fears are gone because His love has cast them out and I know that I can do anything with God.
There is no room for anxiety because with His love comes His peace and it washes over me everyday so I have no time to be anxious about the future.

What if everyone lived like this?

I'm not saying I'm perfect and I walk around as one big love-filled-zen-ball all the time but I have been looking to Him faster than I used to when a situation arises.
He's paid the highest price so that we can live in His perfect love, we can live in His presence.
Don't let anything steal that truth.
Sometimes I think about my old life and wonder what it would be like to go back to it
then I'm honest with myself and remember the ache for satisfaction that I had, the guilt I lived with and the depression my lifestyle brought me.

Meditate for just a moment on God's love for you and watch your day change.
His love makes all The Difference.

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  1. Wow, I was just thinking about that today, if we all walked in power and authority instead of fear. That would be so amazing :]