Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Toothbrush Revelation

Today as I was brushing my teeth, God gave me a revelation.
I recently had a conversation about cancer.  It's incredible how big of a deal cancer has become, especially in America.  I know that now more than ever we are stuffing our bodies full of unhealthy chemicals and our diets are more about sugar and more sugar than about the vitamins we need to fight off the evil bugs that get in and try to take over so we are in part responsible for our overall health, but still, healthy people get cancer.
I used to hear that God uses cancer to teach us lessons and I used to think that God was in control of everything that went on in the world, which now I know is not true at all.  God never gives anyone a disease, He is their answer to disease but God is good and nothing evil comes from Him.  So either we are giving ourselves cancer or the Devil is servin' it up. I think its a combination of the two, the Devil is servin it up and once its served to us we don't actively take authority against it.
Jesus did.
Any and every disease brought to him, he healed.
He never said, "No, this is actually from my Father, and He is trying to teach you a lesson in trust and patience."
 He told us how awesome it is for him to go because he's defeating Satan for the last time, taking back all authority, and sending His Spirit and giving us authority to do what he did. (My paraphrase)
Little do we believe Him.
Anyways, this isn't my revelation, onto the toothbrush experience:
How interesting is it that the leading cancer in women is breast cancer and the leading diagnosed cancer in men ages 15-35 is testicular cancer? (though not the deadliest in either case)
Satan's not dumb.  He tries to steal the beauty and uniqueness from a woman by stealing the health of her breasts, which are her husband's delight.  As women we give life through our breasts and are set apart from men by our breasts.  What a precious target Satan has attacked.
And men! Their manhood, their seed!  Satan wants to break men down and shatter their confidence and boldness.  He wants to disarm them so he goes straight for the goods.
I found it interesting.
And the number one killer in America, heart disease.
What a vital organ, one we've been taught to "above all else, guard!!"
I'm not saying that if we were more spiritual we'd all be fine, I'm saying look at the hard facts of how we're under attack.

This revelation inspired me to
1. Take better care of my body (the Holy Spirit's temple) and
2. Expose satan because he is a liar and he's got the church thinking that maybe God is using sickness and disease to teach them a lesson so they should embrace their diagnosis and pray that His will is done....
I'll let you in on His will, it's that all be healed, so quit praying thinking He's going to say, "Yes I did bestow cancer and heart disease on my people to teach them about how glorious I am" cuz He's not.
He's going to say remember when I died on the cross and took on ALL your sins and diseases and by MY stripes You were healed?  It's that way in heaven and I taught you to pray, "your kingdom come (its here), your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
I still get attacked and get sick but I know its not from God and I know that all I have to do is believe what He's said and my body will have no other choice than to be healed.  I am healed, he's already done what needs to be done but I have to remind myself when sickness tries to take over. There is so much importance in having a renewed mind! I have to remind it that I am the King's kid and I am seated at the right hand of God in Christ Jesus and there is no sickness there.  I have to remind my flesh that it is not first in command, that my life is in the spirit and that in the spirit I have all authority because of my Jesus' sacrifice and victory!
So let's pray for each other and operate as one body with authority.  Love those who are suffering, preach the gospel and watch God stretch forth His hand to heal.

These are the sites I got the cancer info from:

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