Saturday, May 5, 2012


Steffany Frizzell @ Bethel


Close your eyes and snuggle up in God's lap. Express your love and receive His love!!

His love is so sweet.
I want to go deeper and deeper.
I want to know Him better and better.
His love draws me in, keeps me, and yet the deeper I go, the more I realize I've barely scratched the surface!
It's simple but complex.
It's free but the most valuable thing in the world.
Without the love of God nothing would exist.
Isn't it nice to know that YOU are His main priority.
He wants YOU to know how much He loves you.
He's told us about it, demonstrated it towards us and is always reminding us through His creation how much he loves us!
He made us to love us and live with us.
Why don't we get to know Him?
Why do we play church on Sunday but refuse to sit with Him at home and talk with Him?
How has the church become so numb?
So often we confess Jesus is Lord with our mouth but our hearts aren't in it.
I could say I'm married to Josiah but I could live and act so dissatisfied that people would feel sorry for me.
I think that's how the world sees the church a lot of the time.
Rarely do they witness passionate Christians who are genuinely IN LOVE with their God.
Rarely do they witness it because sadly, a lot of Christians don't take the time to fall in love with God and truly get to know Him.
I am just beginning!
I lived as a confessing Christian for 18 years but my heart wasn't in it.
Not until I met people who were so obviously in love with their God did I realize what I was missing.
I want to quit laying on the beach and talking about the ocean of love God has for us, and actually jump in!!
Our love is our greatest witness.
Let's go deeper into His heart and really get to know Him!

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