Sunday, November 6, 2011

Madly in Love

As a gentleman
you ask me to dance
I am flattered
and take your hand
I won't take for granted
what a privilege this is
you look into my eyes
and my face erupts in light
Your glory
has made Me beautiful
We begin 
I am just learning this song
You lead gently
with each step to each note
no surprise twirls
there's no need for you to show off
this dance floor is yours
and all who are here already know you
I relax in your polite embrace
and you begin to pull me closer
my heart beats faster
as I feel your breath on my cheek
the answers I once sought
are no longer of relevance
you are proving all I need to know
they can't take their eyes off of us
I've never loved like this before
you whisper of my beauty
you quietly express your delight in me
I want to whisper back
but cannot find words
eloquent enough
to tell you how I feel
Pools fill in my eyes
and spill over behind your back
I am so in love.
I know you're smiling,
and I know you feel it too.
Our light shines like diamonds
and my skin like pearls
then the clock strikes
like a knife to my soul
the hour has come and with it
you hold my face in your scarred hands,
kiss my forehead and whisper,
"I'm coming back."

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