Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wake Me Up

"We've tolerated Jezebel, we've given in to her seductions, everything is infiltrated with sexual innuendos, targeting to shut our spirits down and to keep us the walking dead, and we don't hear what God is saying to this generation. Sound the alarm." - Corey Russell

I've recently discovered Corey Russell, he is a preacher out of IHOP KC and though some of my favorite messages from him are almost 4 years old they are all relevant to today. He is calling the church to quit getting by, doing "business as usual" and start pressing in to the knowledge of God.
He is calling for Pastors to relay revelation knowledge.
He's tired of the church simply playing church on Sundays.

He also speaks about the 2 biggest problems in the US, abortion and pornography. It boggles my mind that we still say that we are a "Christian nation" We are NOT behaving like a "Christian nation." It makes me sad. We are behaving like murderers and adulterers. I am convicted by this because I'm not doing a thing to change this. I can talk all day and say I don't "agree" with abortion and porn but what am I doing about it? Nothing.
Am I seeking out the hurting girls who are considering abortion and showing them love and telling them truth and praying with them? No.
Am I seeking out those who have been wrecked from getting an abortion and in need of deliverance from shame and praying with them? No.
Am I showing love to porn stars? Yes. That I am doing. They come into my Starbucks everyday. Have I ever offered them a better way? No.
When people joke about sexual things do I laugh to fit in? Yes.
One of my old coworkers knew that porn was "against my religion" and so I didn't watch it. Did I take the time to explain to her that it's so much more than that? No.
I see the effects of porn and sexual immorality around me everyday. EVERYDAY. And I'm taking a backseat to the restoration of people's souls; to offering freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit.
This is more a blog to myself to start speaking up and searching out the captives.
We are living "as in the days of Noah" and I know the Lord is coming back soon so why wait?
I've already died to my flesh and as Cheryl Salem always encourages, you can't offend a corpse so who cares what people might say or think about you? I'm immortal now, my spirit is born again and I'm not going to die but there are a lot of people around me who are at this point and its my job to offer them eternal life, not just for the future but abundant life for right now.

God, I know your desire is to use me. As part of the church I am your hands and feet to go to the lost and be a witness of who you are and your love for the world. Empower me with the boldness to speak and not back down. Your love casts out fear so I am declaring that fear of man must go in Jesus' name. My whole life's purpose is to preach the good news and make disciples in the Kingdom, remind me of that everyday, every time I start to feel self-concious remind me that I am yours. You will speak through me and by your spirit convict the world of sin and their need for your grace. All you ask me to do is stay dead to my flesh! So today I chose to die to myself and live for You and by You. That is the only way to be satisfied. I love you, Lord and I thank you that you are completing the work you began in me.

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