Thursday, December 8, 2011

How Can You Praise a Stranger?

A big reason why Christians aren't living as the light of the world is because they don't know their source of power.
How can a lamp give light if it's not plugged in, or if there's no oil or flame?

How can you praise a God you don't know?

Many "Christians" don't know the God they claim they love, they don't know the Jesus they claim is their savior.
Many "Christians" lives don't reflect that they have an intimate relationship with their heavenly father.

As I was praising God tonight I realized how much deeper my worship is after revelation.
When God shows you another side of Himself you are forever changed.
When the 4 living creatures give honor to Him who is on the throne and cry out night and day,
The 24 elders look up at God and fall right back down and throw their crowns at His feet and cry, "Worthy are You...".  (Rev. 4:8-11)

They do this eternally.

Why do they fall right back down as soon as they look up?  It's because God just showed them another aspect of Himself; they received yet another revelation of the Creator of the World and they can't help but worship Him!

We should be living a life of worship, a life filled with joy and wonder because we are spending time getting to know our God; looking at our God.
Seek and you will find Him! Don't just throw up some prayers here and there throughout the day, set time aside to be with Him.

Jesus is alive and He is living in those who allow Him to.
Jesus is still changing the world and bringing the will of the Father to pass through those who take the time to listen to what He is saying and are obedient to do what He speaks.

Know the God you serve and your times of worship will transform you.
His praise will be on your lips throughout the day and others will want to know who this God is.

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