Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blessed Are The Hungry

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled"
Matthew 5:6

This is taken from the middle of what we call the "Beatitudes"
The Beatitudes were part of a speech that Jesus gave from a mountainside to his disciples and crowds of people.

Everywhere Jesus went people followed him,
     hundreds of people,
                                             thousands of people.
It wasn't because he was handsome and it wasn't just because of his miracles, there was probably something so charismatic and radiant about him...
Every word he said had purpose,
 every teaching had relevance and was contrary to what the world and the religious leaders at that time had been teaching.
People wanted to hear this guy!
and not just like,
"hey let's go to a conference and hear a guy speak"
It was so good people followed him from town to town, they left their lives to learn more, they were hungry for his words and by following him, they were blessed.  He fed them and healed them, he was kind and gentle towards them.  Think of all the people who had contact with him that we never will hear about because it wasn't recorded.  Were their lives ever the same?  I'm guessing that they weren't.  I say that because in my experience when I read the words Jesus spoke and understand them, I'm never the same.

Are you hungry?
 Are you blessed?
 Maybe you're one and not the other?
Be hungry for righteousness.
 Righteousness is a way of living that is inspired by the words of Jesus.
Once you begin seeing righteousness in your life you'll begin to see the blessings of Jesus there too.

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